Get to know us with Joshua

Port of Manaus

We are so excited to start this wonderful journey. Stay tuned, watch "Get to know us with Joshua" and let's visit the Amazon Rainforest! Welcome to the Port of Manaus!

Rio Madeira

Here we are in the middle of Amazon! We're on the road to visit the reserve, "Get to know us with Joshua".

Arriving to Amazon

We have just arrived! And we are ready to start this experience in the middle of Amazon.

The team in the jungle!

Are you ready? This is the jungle :) Get to know Amazon Rainforest with Joshua!

Auditing Carbon Credits

What does do the EBCF? The keywords are sustainability, local communities and carbon credits.

In the middle of the Rainforest

It's the first time that Joshua is in the Rainforest! "That is nothing like being in this place" :)

Why are we here?

This is the whole reason we are here: Carbon Footprint. "This marvelous to the soul, to the mind and to the heart."

This is the place to be

Do you consider yourself a fan of Nature? This is definitely the place to be: The Amazon Rainforest.

The experience

Have you ever heard about jungle trekking? Find out what your gonna find in our Eco Sustainable Reserve.

Dream big! Do the Research.

Sometimes could be difficult to do research on a local environment. As a biologist will love Amazon Rainforest!

EBCF and Amazon Alliance Pillars

It's all about fighting the defloration, offsetting carbon emissions and ensuring that wildlife and biodiversity is protected.

Super food

The perfect an example of what it means to have non-timber products involved! Do you wanna taste?

Bom dia!

A Good Morning in the Amazon Rainforest with a powerfull breakfast!

The project

Joshua explains how it works the Carbon Credit process. Find it now!

Social Responsibility

There is a lot do to help the world! And there is always a starting point.

How did we get here?

Validation, verification and certification! Find out and discover how did we get here.

Non-timber products

You're gonna heard about these powerful products: a├žai and castanha