​Why are Amazon Rainforest Local Communities so Important?

The Local Population

The local population is vital, as they know the workings of their own forest best. Without them and the knowledge they hold, foreigners would be brought in who would likely experience a number of failures before coming near to success. This would lower investments and see time and money wasted. Indeed the local population is the focus of the AMACOIN concept, putting the money where it belongs and giving the reigns to those who know how to ride the terrain blindfolded.

It is up to us to keep the inhabitants functioning at an optimum level, which is why we have set aside so much to see to it that they are able to maintain a good and healthy life without struggle.

  • The Indigenous People

For the people, we will implement and enable a solid plan that will serve to improve their natural and social environment. This plan will work alongside our carefully-thought-of social program that is set to benefit more than three-thousand local inhabitants across the fifteen villages within the designated 200,000-hectare area of protected land.

Together with EBCF the indigenous peoples in the local communities will use the land for harvesting and production of Brazil nuts and other non-timber products that can be traded as foods, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical ingredients. They will, of course, be producing their own products with their own special touch.

  • The Social Program

With the support of our social program the local communities will benefit from education and healthcare services, a steady infrastructure, Women’s Empowerment programs, and great support with regards to income generation. Turning natural resources into income with the inhabitants benefitting is the goal. Conservation according to the principles of social and environmental responsibility will, in turn, attract Corporate Social Responsibility sponsorship revenue which will empower the communities - “We are Amazonians”. With the people protected and empowered, the rainforests will remain unharmed and abundant

  • Sustainable Development

The AMACOIN is a new cryptocurrency that will be used for sustainable initiatives and biological assets; an integral aspect of the Empresa Brasileira de Conservaçao de Florestas (EBCF). Instead of relying on how the ‘do-good’ target market uses their cash, AMACOIN will create a multi-layered, sustainable, and symbiotic economy via a payment token. This will connect people, corporations, governments, NGOs and institutions on one platform, something that has never been attempted before. It would be seen as an investment for a better future, as opposed to a single sale – money for something.

Businesses will present or advertise their corporate social responsibility initiatives to their audiences as meaningful contributions that support sustainable development and protect biodiversity. Of the seventeen sustainable development goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations, seven of them tie-in with the EBCF’s purpose. The remaining ten relate to social equity, health, and justice. The seventeen SDGs were built on three core elements; these being economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection. These elements aim to bring businesses, people, and entire countries together to support a sustainable future for generations to come.

An existing example of this would be the Amazonian Alliance between the EBCF and the Citizen Group, which serves to create unique private and public partnerships that will bring support to Amazonia and sustainable development among local communities.

Local Investment

The solution is a decentralized monetary system that relies on users voting on where any money should go. Decisions over what is and what is not sustainable will not be made solely by the EBCF as a company. Rather, all decisions will be made collectively by the community. In this way, supporting projects that are not part of our plan (using AMACOINs elsewhere) will be impossible to do. AMACOINs can only be spent at certified vendors, keeping the investment tight and orderly; focusing on the Amazonians and what they can offer only.

  • Local Production

Examples of local production would be Brazil nuts, Açai, and non-timber products. The Brazil nut export market has only but increased over the last few years, as the demand for organic foods has grown rapidly. Indeed consumers actively search for a wider range of organic products and seemingly would prefer to support industries that bear the ‘green’ logo. Millennials especially are eating healthier and are willing to spend money on compelling brands. Indeed the demand for premium and sustainably-sourced Brazil nuts is ahead of current supply capabilities.

The super-food market (Açai) also continues to grow. However, harvesting is currently driven by disorganized cooperatives, and the lack of private investment has hindered growth. With the Amazonians being in control of a large portion of the world’s Açai production, consumers can now rest-assured they are receiving a quality product at no expense to the environment or communities who produce them. Once again, the AMACOIN system will keep the production of these products sustainable.

  • Non-timber resources

Aside from the ever-growing demand for Brazil nuts and Açai, other non-timber forest products for the food, beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries are also in demand. These include:

- Oils, Butters, Extracts and Essences

- Nuts

- Berries

- Seeds and Leaves

Further resources that do not fall in the consumable categories include:

- Carbon Credits

- Ecotourism

- Government licensing for private reserves

- Scientific Research and Development

- CSR “Corporate Social Responsibility” (social and environmental projects)

- Global Sustainability Program

- Naming and Image Licensing Rights

- ISR “Individual Social Responsibility” (social and environmental projects)

- Technology Development

- Satellite monitoring

- Remote sensing imagery

Without a doubt, to support the production of quality organic forest products by investing in EBCF is certainly a huge step in being part of a global sustainability program, in more ways than one.

A Global Economy to Improve Our Ecosystem

Our purpose is to fight poverty, abuse of resources, global warming, and climate change. This we can do through our plan for the Amazonians and the Amazon Rainforest. We have embarked on this journey to provide ecological solutions and actions that will leave a sustainable footprint for our children and future generations.

  • The AMACOIN model

As mentioned previously, the AMACOIN is a new cryptocurrency – also known as The Amazonians Green Coin. Its purpose is to promote and encourage economic, social, and environmental values to fight climate change, poverty, and deforestation for the benefit of mankind. The AMACOIN will be used as a means of payment for ‘Green Assets’, environmental services and products, and the Green Marketplace while providing direct and indirect benefits to both individuals and corporations. This fully-monitored system ensures that all investments made go to the right places, with these places being decided and agreed upon by active members.

  • The AMACOIN Economy

AMACOINs can be exchanged for FIAT currency (EUR, USD, CHF, GBP) in jurisdictions where such exchanges are legal. They can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. AMACOIN distribution and the frequency of AMACOIN production will both influence the coins’ price. In total, 88-billion AMACOINS will be minted and then sold through three separate phases; these being private sale, public pre-sale, and public sale.

  • The Opportunity of AMACOIN

The valuation of AMACOIN will be transparent and based on international standards. Our objective is to create and implement a payment token for purchasing products and services offered by environment-friendly brands (B2C), and to support local communities or contribute to their environmental projects (B2B). In November of 2019 we will launch our e-commerce, first in the USA and then, at the beginning of the year (2020), in Europe.

At the moment, both the CEO and the GM of EBCF are responsible for selling sustainable 100%-organic forest products to wholesalers and supermarkets locally and internationally.

The opportunity for investors is to provide working capital to set pace and scale into a purpose-driven project that is both philanthropic and commercial. We have already discussed contracts with a few large corporations, including both Sony Music and Hyundai.

This project is ‘green at heart’ and will also render attractive revenue streams in adjacent growing markets. Further local land acquisitions are also in the pipeline.

Overall, it’s a win-win for all. Corporations worldwide will prove their positive impact on the planet while improving society as they engage with customers and employees, showing brand differentiation and taking long-term-thinking initiative. Of all the projects offered at present, the AMACOIN is the most attractive. Our holistic endeavor is certainly widely beneficial.

We look forward to working with you toward a brighter future for ourselves, the rainforests, and local communities who will strive to provide only the best, all in ways that cause the least amount of stress on our environment, climate, and people.