Do You Care About The Amazon Rainforest? We Do.

Why do we care about the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is commonly known as the Earth's lungs, as it is responsible for producing 20 percent of the oxygen in our planet's atmosphere. Amazon is the mother of all rainforests, the largest in the world with half the size of the United States. Such vastness of fauna and flora has a vital role within the dynamic of our planet. The Amazon not only provides the oxygen we need to breathe, but it also hosts countless species. Equally importantly, the Amazon is crucial in slowing down global warming as it soaks up carbon dioxide through the infinite number of trees that it contains.

As the mother of all rainforests it continues to be used and depleted by us, humans, it is now facing the possibility of completely vanishing during the next century. According to INPE (National Institute for Space Research), the equivalent of 1½ soccer fields of Amazon Rainforest are destroyed every minute. In fact, while this article is being written, the Amazon is burning at the highest rate since the INPE began tracking the rainforest's fires, in 2013.

The continuous deforestation of the Amazon is the leading cause of its destruction, and it is led by:

  • Farmers - to obtain firewood and create space for crops or grazing lands;
  • Industrial Agriculture - especially the soy industry;
  • Cattle industry - to clear ranch land;
  • Paper industry - to turn trees into pulp;
  • Energy industry - such as power plants that burn and cut trees to generate electricity;
  • Mining operations - to dig mines and build roads;
  • Hydroelectric projects - flooding vast acres of rainforest;
  • Logging interests - to produce furniture, flooring and other items;
  • Governments and industries - to make way for service and transit roads.

The EBCF (Empresa Brasileira De Conservação De Florestas / Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company) business initiative is a unique alliance of private/public partnerships that developed a new cryptocurrency to change the Amazon's degradation route: the Amazonians Green Coin. They aim to create a world where sustainable values are the currency rather than a byproduct. By ensuring the creation of Sustainable Protected Reserves and Conservation Units in the Amazon, EBCF actively fights against deforestation, poverty, global warming, and consequently climate change.

Their main focus lies in developing several eco-services and business-related activities that are based on sustainable harvesting of timber-free Amazonian products, such as fruits, powders and seeds; the reduction of our carbon dioxide footprint (the biggest contributor to global warming); biodiversity research; corporate and individual social responsibility; and technology development.

Rainforest Conservation

This new cryptocurrency, supported by blockchain technology, stimulates sustainable and Earth-friendly behaviors to stop deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. In other words, it will ensure the reduction of CO2 emissions, the sustainable development of local communities, and the conservation of the whole rainforest. This benefits not only the vitality of the Amazon but also our own. The Amazon not only provides us with oxygen and regulates our climate; it also contributes to the global water cycle, and it offers us several valuable medicinal plants which are a potential source of a cure for fatal diseases. With this initiative, the EBCF will guarantee the protection of the first private reserve ever created in the Amazon, which includes over 100 million trees, 500 different species that are at risk of extinction and important rivers. Additionally, it will counter the emission of more than 3 million tons of CO2.

Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity is the first sign of the health of an ecosystem. Extensive diversity of species will cope better with threats than a confined number of them in large populations. Even if certain species are affected by pollution, climate change or anthropogenic activities, the ecosystem as a whole may adapt and survive. But the extinction of a species may have unexpected impacts, which can create a domino effect into the destruction of entire ecosystems.

Making the Amazonian Coin, a cryptocurrency that is focused on the protection of the Amazon biodiversity, means that we're investing in our own future as a species by supporting and promoting ethical protection of the rainforest. It will generate ecological dividends over time, and the value of the cryptocurrency will increase along the way. This will encourage its users to spend their coins, which in turn will maintain the active use of the currency .

The next step for EBCF is the development of the We Are Amazonians initiative. This will be focused on reserve licensing rights; on Web and App platforms where users can obtain their membership and communicate with stakeholders, consumers and suppliers; on the total support of 15 villages with over 3.000 people working on social projects; and on the creation of 5 million acres in protected reserves which will offset roughly 50 million tons of CO2 emissions to our atmosphere.

Projects related to climatic, social, environmental, economic generation, and the creation and management of sustainable reserves will be supported by the sales and profits of the Amazonian Coin.

Sustainable Development of Local Communities

From the seventeen SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) created by the United Nations, seven are hand in hand with the EBCF mission, and the remaining ten are related to social equity, health and justice. Overall, the seventeen SDGs were created under three major components: economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection. The Amazonian Coin has the power to support all the SDGs. As the Amazonian Coin token develops, EBCF will then commit in the sustainable evolution of the local communities within the first RPDS (Reserva Particular de Desenvolvimento Sustentável / Private Reserve for Sustainable Development) ever created in the Amazon Rainforest history - the "Amazon Rio" - an area with 20.000 hectares.

Furthermore, with the consent of the nearby harvesters, EBCF will provide a total of 200.000 hectares to harvest several products, such as Brazil nuts, which are not the result of deforestation. These products will be then traded as organic food, beverage, cosmetics, and medicinal ingredients. All of this will form part of the EBCF Social Program, which will benefit roughly 3.000 people across fifteen villages. Local communities will be supported within the areas of education, health, infrastructure, women's empowerment, and income generation. This program will transform natural resources into income and conservation according to the principles of social and environmental responsibility, which in turn will attract Corporate Social Responsibility sponsorship revenue through the We Are Amazonians initiative.

CO2 emissions reduction

The CO2 that humans send to the atmosphere insulates the surface of the planet. It acts as a giant blanket that keeps the Earth warmer. This energy increases the Earth's surface average temperature, heats the oceans and melts polar ice. As a result, sea level rises and weather shifts. Since 1880, after CO2 emissions took off with the Industrial Revolution, the average global temperature has risen about 1.5F (0.85C). Each one of the last three decades has been warmer than the previous decade, as well as warmer than the whole past century. Economists agree that to evade climate change, CO2 must have a price (carbon tax or emission-reductions offset payment), which will then be integrated into the economy. The same is applied within the EBCF land, which will be able to attract carbon offset credit income by generating several social and environmental benefits from:

  1. Strengthening of environmental monitoring and control - by improving the existing monitoring systems led by local communities and by investing in environmental protection infrastructure, staff, land titling agencies, and advanced remote sensing monitoring techniques.
  2. Income Generation Through the Promotion of Sustainable Businesses - by combining community organization with business training to improve forest management and product extraction.
  3. Community Development, Scientific Research and Education - by building education centres to teach local communities that will learn about conservation efforts based on science.

What is the Amazonians Green Coin project about?

Amazonians Green Coin is the very first of its kind. It intends to provide its givers a tool to create significant projects that directly support the protection of the Amazon Rainforest as well as its biodiversity. With this cryptocurrency, shared values will be promoted in a way that enables corporations, service delivery agencies, consumers, and regulators to know how much impact they generate in the rainforest.

Investors have the chance to make a profit by using the Amazonian Coin, as their investments are applied in sustainable projects that have a high ROI (Return On Investment). The goal is to give crypto holders investment opportunities related to the Amazon Rainforest, in a way that they can apply their cryptocurrencies within a safe, coherent, and cost-effective system.

The Amazonian Coin will operate as a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency, underpinned by biological assets and sustainable initiatives. In other words, corporations will be highly motivated to do good in their communities. At the same time, non-institutional investors will have a accessible financial option to back an environmentally and socially sustainable economy.

The EBCF is focused on certified new initiatives, which are based on the UN SDGs, which include forest management, energy production, national parks concessions, water and agriculture. As a result, EBCF will increase the acquisition of the Amazonian Coin by consumers that are motivated to have a real impact. The same applies to corporations that are focused on evolving social responsibility and engaging with their customers.

What is the impact of Amazonians Green Coin project?

In a nutshell, this project is focused on the support of several ecosystems within the Amazon that clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. It will provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes; protect ecosystem services that are at the foundation of all civilization and sustain our economies. It is that simple - we could not live without these ecosystem services. They are known as our natural capital.

The Amazonian Coin will connect people, corporations, governments, NGOs, and institutions in one platform, for the first time.

The EBCF economy supported by the Amazonian Coin will be supported by sustainable and income-making assets, including carbon offsets, ecotourism, wildlife, and eco-agriculture. These natural resources are converted into tokens via blockchain, and the Amazonian Coin tokens can be exchanged within a secure and regulated platform. Over time, the entrance of more assets into the EBCF economy will increase the value of the Amazonian Coin tokens.

Did you know that you can make a difference?

EBCF is driving the Amazonian Coin to offer a unique and innovative way of payment that supports environmental services and nurtures the creation and management of new sustainable conservation units. It will support additional forest owners and help them to sustain their lands intact for the benefit of humankind. Whoever uses Amazonian Coins, as a means of payment on a regular basis, will be creating a significant impact as they're actively funding and supporting several initiatives, including:

- Creation of new & additional sustainable conservation units in the Amazonan;

- Implementation of Social Projects;

- Environmental Projects;

- Enforcement of Climate Projects;

- Development of Environmental Services;

- Development of Sustainable and Eco-friendly trading.

Contributors have the power to recreate our planet. They will be protecting the largest and most biodiverse tract of tropical rainforest on the planet, which represents roughly half of the planet's remaining rainforest - the Amazon - home to half of the planet's fauna and flora. A place that is one of a kind, with diverse ecosystems and indispensable resources for humankind; an essential life-support that must be protected and proactively maintained for the benefit of our world.