Start to Change Your Mind to Change the World

The EBCF (Empresa Brasileira De Conservação De Florestas - Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company) has implemented a sustainable development strategy that focuses on acquiring native forests that have suffered the effects of deforestation - transforming them into ‘Conservation Units’ using Blockchain’s core principles along with a new cryptocurrency known as the AMACOIN (Amazonians Green Coin).

You, too, can get involved!

How to Participate in and Change the World?

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) plays a significant role in our world today, as many companies and businesses strive for their brands - the production thereof to contribute towards sustainable development, consequently influencing society and the marketplace positively.

CSR activity is thriving worldwide with a few critical aspects of government regulations, investors’ pressure for social investments, in addition to, employee and customer relationship perpetuation. In Asia and Africa (priority areas for CSR), programs encompass healthcare, women empowerment, education, self-employment generation, hunger and poverty eradication, and disaster relief.

The United Nations’ Global Compact initiative of 1999 and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have compiled social guidelines for international companies to follow collaborating with thirty different nations. It is to be noted that the number of S&P 500 companies publishing Sustainability or CSR reports has increased from less than 20% in 2011 to 82% in 2016.

The EBCF partnered with several companies who play an active role in conservation and sustainable development. We co-founded the Amazonian Alliance in partnership with the Citizen Group. The Amazonian Alliance aims to obtain funding and establish further alliances that allow the EBCF to focus on developments, such as the following:

  • Sustainable harvesting of non-timber forest products (oils, butter, extracts, essences, nuts, berries, seeds, and leaves).
  • Carbon Credits (three-million tons of CO2 – VCS and CCB standards – seeing involvement from Sony and Hyundai).
  • CSR (Global Sustainability Program - Naming and Image Licensing Rights).
  • Individual Social Responsibility (Global Sustainability Program - Naming and Image Licensing Rights).
  • Eco-tourism (government licensing for private reserves).
  • Scientific Research Development (government licensing for private reserves).
  • Technological Developments (satellite monitoring – remote sensing imagery).

Funds raised will be used to further promote the commercially viable project, with an initial focus on existing ‘Amazon Rio’ land, then eventually acquiring additional local land.

Amazonians Green Coin Tuned with the United Nations

The United Nations created seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focused on economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection; seven of which are in tune with EBCF’s purpose. The remaining ten are concerned with equality, health, and justice. The Amazonians Green Coin (AMACOIN) can support all seventeen goals.

Economic Growth

In agreement with harvesters, the EBCF will provide 200,000 hectares for harvesting Brazil nuts and other non-timber products to be traded as the following:

  • Food/plants (i.e., Brazil nuts, Acai fruit, Murumuru, Cumara, Andiroba, Copaiba)
  • Beverages
  • Cosmetic products
  • Cosmetic/fragrance ingredients
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Own brand finished foods

These natural resources will be transformed into income, introducing an eco-resort inside the reserve (which will be the first of its kind). This will generate income and promote biological diversity serving as a hub for various industries and research organizations. The EBCF will attract carbon offset credit revenue through the voluntary carbon offset market. A properly harvested and managed landscape assisting in marketing the land on the carbon credit market.

Social Inclusion

The Social Program implemented by EBCF will benefit 3,000 people across fifteen villages. Our initial focus is to develop 20,000 hectares of private rainforest becoming the first private sustainable reserve in Amazon’s history.

‘Project Jaguar’ is in place to significantly improve the natural and social environment. Three thousand people across the fifteen villages will benefit in education, health, infrastructure, and women empowerment. This will ultimately attract further revenue through our global sustainability program, ‘We are Amazonians’; a thriving local community of indigenous people that will continuously attract CSR sponsorship.

With a focus on eco-agriculture, eco-tourism, the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetic industry, and organic food and beverages, local communities will be motivated to develop their projects in the Amazonians Green Coin economy. Every Amazonians Green Coin holder has permission d to suggest plans of their own, in addition to, contributing towards their projects. All project suggestions are submitted to the Board for approval ensuring relational and sustainable policy alignment. Once approved, they will be implemented.

Environmental Protection

Amazonian Alliance’s policy is to avoid the destruction of the rainforest. Food products are harvested in a form that will not harm the surrounding environment. EBCF land manages and protects private reserves according to Brazilian law. The Science & Innovation Working Group led by the Redpill Group (and initially including Imperial College London, University of Sussex, and Satellite Applications Catapult) are currently working on innovative technology solutions that will serve to measure and monitor the health of the rainforest in ways that will satisfy and enhance REDD+CSR and also deliver industrial IP applications.

Why Work with Local Communities?

Amazonian Alliance’s policy and sustainable social program will improve and maintain the traditional lives of the Amazon people. They must remain at the core of the project, as the land is indeed theirs. A thriving local community of indigenous people will further serve to reach the same collective goal, one that strives to see CSR in action by treating not only the Earth but its inhabitants respectfully. The indigenous people have rights to their land. They have significantly contributed and provided resourceful insight on harvesting and production practices that have been passed down through generations.

What Will Be Done with Local Communities?

Over 3,000 local inhabitants from fifteen villages will benefit extensively, both financially and physically in terms of education, health services, infrastructure, and income generation. They will be given an extraordinary opportunity to submit their projects and contribute to them, thus creating their businesses with excellent prospects.

Timber-free Amazonian Products

The products harvested, produced, and provided by the inhabitants will be unique and carefully managed by caring hands. Such products will include but are not be limited to foodstuffs, beverages, various sustainable cosmetic products, ingredients for alternative cosmetics, pharmaceutical ingredients, and self-branded foods, exclusive to the Amazon.

Sustainable Products

Due to the purpose of the project be sustainable development, the production of products will be monitored to ensure the environment is respected and not exhausted. Every aspect of the production will serve to reduce unnecessary waste of materials and omission of gases or other debris that work against environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, as our solution is a decentralized monetary system, users will be able to vote on where the money should be spent. The authority presiding over what can and cannot be considered sustainable will not be given solely to the EBCF as a company, but rather to the community of users to be agreed upon.

EBCF shareholders, our partners, and our community will work together towards a system where Amazonians Green Coins may only be spent on sustainable products. This, in turn, will urge them to change their consumption habits.

Product’s Authenticity and Quality Control

A blockchain transaction ledger could be useful in tracking the origins of all raw materials and products from suppliers. This could be implemented throughout production and possible distribution channels. This ledger includes digital data that will be linked to unique identifiers on labels, using ‘hologram technology’ found in other industries such as the software, consumer products, and pharmaceuticals industries. When issues in quality are detected, the correct and detailed information regarding the product’s origin will help to avoid costly and time-consuming recalls.

The Green Marketplace

The fully licensed AMACOIN Green Marketplace will be a platform managed under its retail brand, allowing users to purchase products that have been harvested or produced through the reserve. Users and consumers will utilize their AMACOINS to make these purchases via GreenPal, our enhanced payment gateway. The AMACOIN will remain stable, even amidst price fluctuations.

In the beginning, we will offer the most sought-after sustainably produced products. As our online presence grows, we will add more options for consumers and buyers. Any company which actively supports even one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be allowed to join the Green Marketplace. Companies who function through our marketplace will receive our EBCF Green Approved Seal, which may be used in whichever way they deem necessary. This seal will help others recognize that organization as a green planet active contributor.

The New Fuel Is AMACOIN!

The Amazonians Green Coin (AMACOIN) is a new and unique cryptocurrency to be used for sustainable initiatives and biological assets. With the launch of AMACOIN, corporate social responsibility moves from being solely cost-based to be a tradable asset.

Rather than pushing markets to contribute to social good by investing, Amazonians Green Coin will create a multi-layered, sustainable, and symbiotic economy via a payment token. This ‘ecosystem’ will connect people, corporations, governments, NGOs, and institutions – all on one platform; something that has never been attempted before!

The sustainable development of the Amazonian rainforest evolves significantly by using Blockchain technology. The EBCF ecosystem is a trusted, transparent, and interoperable, lasting alliance - one that supports an ever-expanding array of activities for participants who generate, consume, and transact locally sourced products (except for timber) from four private reserves named ‘Amazon Rio.’

This novel ‘ecosystem’ using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency (AMACOIN) will turn natural resources from the Amazon Rainforest into income and conservation. The Amazonians Green Coin has the power, therefore, to change the face of the sustainable development and biodiversity preservation system, since it will not focus solely on profits. Instead, it will focus on the needs of the communities, their aspirations for independence and co-creation, and long-term sustainability of environmentally conscious production and consumption.