EBCF and the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve Partnership

EBCF and the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve Partnership

UNESCO Biosphere reserves are areas involving terrestrial, marine, and coastal ecosystems. One of the 686 biosphere reserves in 122 countries, the North Devon Biosphere is focused on fusing the conservation of valuable biodiversity and natural assets with their sustainable use. Biosphere reserves are unique places where we can better understand and handle changes and interactions between social and ecological systems, which involves conflict anticipation and the management of biodiversity.

For EBCF, working with the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere and the global UNESCO network opens up the opportunity to share expertise and accelerate innovation in the fight against climate change in a scalable way that can be used around the world.

What is the purpose

By working hand in hand, this collaboration aims to:

- Search for opportunities to cooperate in environmental ecological, digital, business or financial research and innovation of direct relevance to the goals of the partners.

- Expedite and support the engagement of worldwide corporations with EBCF Reserve and the North Devon Biosphere.

- According to the particular facts relating to each situation, support companies that wish to engage commercially with the partners and with the global ecosystem services or associated marketplaces.

- Make possible easier connections between worldwide universities, funders, NGOs, and other stakeholders that share the same interests with EBCF and the North Devon Biosphere.

- Identify and develop new investment opportunities.

What are the goals

Together, EBCF and the North Devon Biosphere will :

- Develop research and innovation prospectus for businesses and investors that opens and unites the EBCF Reserve and the North Devon Biosphere to drive forward scientific, social, and business research as well as sustainable commercialization.

- Create a technical architecture, digital strategy and toolkit, supported by foreign technology businesses that facilitates the growth of digitized natural environments, under the guidance of the EBCF Reserve and the North Devon Biosphere.

- Build a collective data vault, which holds datasets of various types and is available via a sandbox (virtual space where new or untested software or coding can safely run) to be experimented and innovated by companies, universities, and NGOs globally.

- A minimum fund of $50 million that is centered on the evolution of innovations from across the partnership and their gain in momentum into worldwide markets.

- A program of social change that unites the local people living in the Amazon and Devon, focusing on digital and multi-disciplinary skills development, creativity, and the attraction and retention of talent. This program and several of the outputs earlier described should develop to become and maintain a collection of conservation units around the world.

While the North Devon Biosphere and the EBCF Reserve look like very different places, their challenges and opportunities are very similar.

Who is EBCF

EBCF (Empresa Brasileira de Conservação de Florestas/Brazilian Rainforest Conservation Company) is a private organization settled in Brazil and the United States and is committed to the conservation, protection, and well-being of Amazon Rainforest communities. This will be accomplished by encouraging the harvesting of timber-free forest goods, virgin materials, and ingredients as well as the progress of sustainable preservation of forests and environmental eco-services. Sustainability is the key.

Who is North Devon Biosphere

"Our success depends on the strength of the relationships we create. We work together to connect people across disciplines, cultures and borders and to reconnect people to each other and to nature."

From the highlands of Dartmoor and Exmoor, down the river valleys to the sea and ahead Lundy, the North Devon Biosphere is one of 668 Reserves within 122 countries selected by UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme and was the first of 6 to be selected in the United Kingdom.

The North Devon Biosphere covers an area of 960.000 acres of land and roughly 600 sq. miles of marine assets. In addition to UNESCO designation, the Biosphere was in 2018 awarded Pioneer Status by the United Kingdom Government's Department of Food & Rural Affairs, which will enable to consider a whole range of new opportunities and initiatives. These are not just research-based but are empowered to assist in understanding how businesses and communities can live in harmony with nature.