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​Why are Amazon Rainforest Local Communities so Important?

Success happens when projects are undertaken by the right people. In the Amazon Rainforest, the traditional indigenous communities (the local population) know more about their products and how to produce them than anyone else in the world could. It makes sense, therefore, that they be given the opportunity and right to manage the production of their timber-free products and others exclusive to the region, which in turn will see them benefitting from any investments that come as a result of their wisdom and focused labor.

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The Periodic Table Of Cryptocurrencies

NEW: Green Assets - Green assets may be a new category which represents coins that help the environment and want to create a positive impact on the planet. This is the case of the Amazonians Green Coin (AMA coin), a new green cryptocurrency that supports sustainable initiatives and environmental assets, services, and products.

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EBCF and the UNESCO North Devon Biosphere Reserve Partnership

UNESCO Biosphere reserves are areas involving terrestrial, marine, and coastal ecosystems. One of the 686 biosphere reserves in 122 countries, the North Devon Biosphere is focused on fusing the conservation of valuable biodiversity and natural assets with their sustainable use. Biosphere reserves are unique places where we can better understand and handle changes and interactions between social and ecological systems, which involves conflict anticipation and the management of biodiversity.

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