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AMABANK is a social-environmental Fintech - Digital Assets financing Environmental Assets, Products and Services.

AMABANK = Purpose + Inclusion

AMABANK is a Brazilian social Fintech with a purpose driven mission to use digital assets to finance and promote environmental assets, products and services.

EBCF Group is constantly seeking to be at the forefront. At this moment is important to understand how digital assets can finance and potentialize the development of environmental assets to further the Group business expansion model, its business and EBCF partners.

Our business model is focused on promoting sustainable development of environmental assets, services and products.

EBCF operates in the 4 main pillars of sustainability (Environmental, Social, Climate and Economic)

This is the start of a new beginning! EBCF - “AMABANK DIGITAL ASSETS INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS”. AMACOIN // AMACARD // AMABANK - Sustainability Inside



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Use the Debit card to buy anywhere that accept VISA


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Make transaction using Qrcode Payment on the APP.


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Corporate Social Responsibility
Individual Social Responsibility
Sustainable Loyalty Program

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Solutions Overview

Prepaid card

The prepaid card is the physical means of payment for consumers, directly accessing the digital payment account that the individual has with us - the prepaid card balance is necessarily a mirror of the balance of the consumer payment account.

Digital Payment Account

It is a proxy of the bank checking account without the possibility of credit. We use the concept of digital payment account, coupled with prepaid card, to evolve the bank account and debit card experience. The payment account is an account supervised by the Central Bank of Brazil in the case of payment institutions if the regulatory process with the competent bodies and our responsibility.

Inside of the Platform

see the app to add more text.

Compliance Area

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Risc, PLD, Know your client and interaction with the flag

OP Area

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General controls, consiliations, etc

TI and Product

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Frontend development


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Attendance to cardholder and digital account holder


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Digital marketing or fisical marketing


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All regulation process and reports

Exclusive App and System

You can easily navigate on AMABANK app:

- access your wallet and add credit cards
- create a payment link
- pay with QRcode
- withdraw
- manage other payment method
- check all news related to Amazonians Green Coin

You can also access your activity history, edit your profile in the settings and finally you can log out.

Accepts payments with QRCode

With the digal bank app you can:

- send and receive payments;
- Register credit cards from any institution to make QRcode payments;
- Partner with establishments;
- More than 2 million establishment Payments in the little machines CIELO

Innovation, technology and security in one place

CIELO Partnership

Cielo will play a key role in the insertion of this new payment method in the domestic market.
After all, we are the Latin American leader in retail electronic payment technology and solutions.

We entered this project with the goal of improving the experience of our customers. And not only that: we want to further democratize the means of payment.

Digital Account

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Possible to perform TED for third party banks, bill payment and sending money between same bank accounts

Payment Gateway

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We offer credit card processing for e-commerce, store and apps.

Bank ticket

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Offer your customers low-cost ticketing and management platform

Digital bank app

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Full digital account app for your customers to download from App Store and Google Play

Digital account

Trasactions between accounts


Bank Slip

Bill payment (light, telephone, water)

Pay with QR Code

Payment links

Pre-pay credit card

Digital card

Withdrawal 24h

Mobile recharging